$ 35.00


Coconut Beard Conditioner - 6.0 ounces
Moisturizes, nourishes, and replenishes with organic coconut and olive oils, leaving your beard softer and healthier than washing alone.

The Forge is one of the blacksmith’s most essential tools. This structure holds the hearth and the fire, allowing the smith to heat and condition metal, making it malleable and workable, so that a final product can be formed. The final look and feel of your well-groomed beard requires a forge just the same. A hearth and forge go hand-in-hand, and so too does our beard wash and beard conditioner. Forge Coconut Beard Conditioner is a blend of ingredients including Peruvian Balsam, which helps to prevent dryness, beard dandruff and split ends, and organic virgin coconut oil, which provides anti-bacterial protection. This combination leaves you with a smooth, almost silky, anti-static feel with a lustrous gleam. Even the best beard wash, alone, won’t hydrate and nourish facial hair like Forge Coconut Beard Conditioner. Plus, Forge Coconut Beard Conditioner leaves your face with a sweet and slightly spiced woodsy aroma. For the healthiest beard experience, we recommend Forge Coconut Beard Conditioner be used in tandem with Hearth Coconut Beard Wash.



Dispense a double pump into hands and apply to full length of beard. Massage and rinse thoroughly.



Purified Water, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil*, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, proprietary blend of Essential Oils, 1% Germaben II E.

*Denotes certified organic