About us

Hand crafted from the cliffs of Moss Beach, California, Blacksmith Grooming Co. stands for better products, and a better man, with aspirations towards a better world.

Blacksmith Grooming Company is dedicated to being 100% made in the USA. We take great pride in our ethically-made, completely organic products, which are developed in small batches to ensure the highest quality and provide the modern-day man with an alternative to pharmaceutical and synthetic brands.  How do we do this? By providing deliberately slow-crafted skin care products made from the healing power of organic plants and oils.  

We believe if a product isn’t good enough to last, it’s not good enough for you. That’s why we package our entire skin care line in Miron Violet glass, which prevents any visible light to pass through, with the exception of violet and the spectra range of a UV-A and infrared.  This technology was used by ancient Egyptian alchemists to store and protect their healing products so they would be well-sustained over time and available when needed. We were extremely pleased to find a medium within which our products would be kept fresh and retain the dynamic energy we developed within them.

For centuries, Blacksmiths have represented a keen mind and brawny strength, and played a significant role in the protection of communities. We are inspired by the modern man who understands the value of detailed craftsmanship and adopts products, interests, and activities that enable him to both express himself creatively and also experience a sense of deep satisfaction and fulfillment.  

The products a man chooses reflect not only who he is, but also what he envisions the world to be. We believe the Blacksmith Grooming man is both honorable and wise. He is a man who understands and values the slow movement, including “slow work;” being an absolute craftsman--and nothing less--at what you do, while doing it not just for oneself, but doing it in service to others. Although there are few classical Blacksmiths left who serve communities the way they used to, the modern day Blacksmith is a metaphorical icon who is both strategically methodical and complex in thinking. He is community-minded and a nurturer of the Arts and culture, a voyager and a hard worker, and the ultimate renaissance man. He prefers to look inward and define success for himself, rather than comparing himself to others.

Indeed, the Blacksmith is within each of us. He is the young professional starting his journey; he is the journeyman hitting his stride; he is the master Blacksmith guiding a community away from the status quo, and instead leading towards the way things ought to be.