$ 25.00


Carrot Seed Beard & Body Soap
A nourishment powerhouse as 3-in-1, body soap, facial wash, and shaving foam with mentally calming scent.

“Alloy”, a mixture of a metal with another element, speaks to the multiple uses of this single bar. A body bar soap with ingredients and features that benefit the face and beard, Alloy can be used as a body wash, face wash, and even as shaving foam. Sporting a delightfully tight and foamy lather, from an organic castor oil base, this beta-carotene enriched bar is the perfect nourishment for any hair type. Like our Temper Herbal Refresher, our Alloy Beard & Body Bar carries an herbal scent that is mentally calming and clarifying. Alloy is the perfect way to round out your personal grooming and ensure that your skin is nourished, while your distinctive scent is an obvious clean, and a tantalizing appeal. Your set is complete when Alloy is used as a body wash in conjunction with Hearth Coconut Beard Wash, Forge Coconut Beard Conditioner, and Varnish Carrot Seed Beard Oil.


Organic Canola Oil *, Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil *, Organic Palm Oil*, Water, Kosher Certified Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide**, Organic Carrot Seed Oil*, proprietary blend of Essential Oils, Ground Carrot.

*Denotes Certified Organic  **None remains after Saponification.