Clean Shave

Some men forget the importance of a solid shaving arsenal, but Blacksmith men understand the need for great shaving products. These Blacksmith Grooming Co. products help get the closest shave while keeping your skin hydrated and smooth.


Aloe Shave Creme - 6.0 ounces

A bevor is a piece of plate armour, or multiple articulated lames, designed to protect the neck, around the neck, and chin. For years, blacksmiths were relied upon to forge...

$ 30.00


Aftershave Salve - 6.0 ounces

Quenching is the process of rapidly cooling metal in order to set its form. Our Quench Aftershave salve does just that by cooling the freshly-shaven face and neck and granting...

$ 35.00


Carrot Seed Beard & Body Soap

“Alloy”, a mixture of a metal with another element, speaks to the multiple uses of this single bar. A body bar soap with ingredients and features that benefit the face...

$ 25.00


2 Soft Boucle Scrubs

A hand tool used to shape and smooth metal, the Rasp is another essential tool in the Blacksmith’s arsenal. Our boucle scrub is gentle on both your face and neck....

$ 5.00


Herbal Deep Cleanser - 3.0 ounces

The blacksmith starts his work with a blank, a small piece of metal that’s cut from a larger piece. It’s this blank that is melded and molded, with visionary purpose,...

$ 43.00


Herbal Face Moisturizer - 2.0 ounces

A vise (or vice) is absolutely central to smithing. Its purpose is to steady the metal--to lock it in place--so the blacksmith may meld and mold it to his creation....

$ 49.00

Temper Woodsman

Refresher Spray - 1.0 ounce

This herbal sport spray transports the senses to a summer cabin in a wooded forest where you may just stumble across a neighbor’s prized mint garden. Spray this on your...

$ 15.00

Temper Herbal

Refresher Spray - 1.0 ounce

Tempering is a treatment process that increases the toughness of metals. The goal of tempering is to strengthen the metal, thus increasing the longevity of the creation. Similarly, Temper Herbal...

$ 15.00


Razor Blades

$ 20.00


3 Piece Shaving Set

The Mühle 3 piece shaving set should be a staple in every man's grooming arsenal. Like a Blacksmith's toolbox that holds the basics of excellence in all he does, the chrome,...

$ 265.00

BSGC H2O Bottle

Ultra Violet H2O Bottle

A truly cleansing experience, our UV water bottle made from  Violet glass is proven to reflect all portions of the visible spectrum except UVA and Far Infrared, meaning that it...

$ 30.00