Temper Herbal
$ 15.00

Temper Herbal

Refresher Spray - 1.0 ounce
A multi-purpose herbal sport spray with mentally calming and clarifying notes.

Tempering is a treatment process that increases the toughness of metals. The goal of tempering is to strengthen the metal, thus increasing the longevity of the creation. Similarly, Temper Herbal Refresher increases the strength and longevity of your gear, your clothes, and you. Our herbal refresher is intended to bring a sense of calm when sprayed on face and hands. Or, spray on clothes or sports gear to eliminate odors. It’s perfect for the business suit that’s been traveling all day, the hockey jersey pulled from the gym bag, or the uniforms worn proudly by our first responders. Can you smell that bench press even before you work out? Spray down your equipment to bring calm to your senses so you can focus on your workout. Spray on your hands to improve health by killing germs, so you can stay in the game. Or use Temper Herbal Refresher across your body to refresh after a powerful sweat--whether in the gym, out on the road, or on a hike.


Spray on face and body to bring calm, hands to sanitize or clothes & sports gear to eliminate odors.



Purified water, Polysorbate 20, proprietary blend of Essential Oils, Benzylalcohol DHA.