Body & Skin Care

Blacksmith Grooming Co. body & skin care products go beyond just that handsome face. Nowadays, every Blacksmith man knows the importance of having a clean base, smelling great and having that soft to touch skin.


Herbal Face Moisturizer - 2.0 ounces

A vise (or vice) is absolutely central to smithing. Its purpose is to steady the metal--to lock it in place--so the blacksmith may meld and mold it to his creation....

$ 49.00


Herbal Deep Cleanser - 3.0 ounces

The blacksmith starts his work with a blank, a small piece of metal that’s cut from a larger piece. It’s this blank that is melded and molded, with visionary purpose,...

$ 43.00


Hemp Muscle Rub - 1.69 ounces

Firescale is the layer of oxides that form on the outside of metals while heating, like lactic acid forms on muscles after exercise. Both are the result of a craftsman...

$ 65.00


Carrot Seed Beard & Body Soap

“Alloy”, a mixture of a metal with another element, speaks to the multiple uses of this single bar. A body bar soap with ingredients and features that benefit the face...

$ 25.00


2 Soft Boucle Scrubs

A hand tool used to shape and smooth metal, the Rasp is another essential tool in the Blacksmith’s arsenal. Our boucle scrub is gentle on both your face and neck....

$ 5.00

Temper Herbal

Refresher Spray - 1.0 ounce

Tempering is a treatment process that increases the toughness of metals. The goal of tempering is to strengthen the metal, thus increasing the longevity of the creation. Similarly, Temper Herbal...

$ 15.00

Temper Woodsman

Refresher Spray - 1.0 ounce

This herbal sport spray transports the senses to a summer cabin in a wooded forest where you may just stumble across a neighbor’s prized mint garden. Spray this on your...

$ 15.00

BSGC H2O Bottle

Ultra Violet H2O Bottle

A truly cleansing experience, our UV water bottle made from  Violet glass is proven to reflect all portions of the visible spectrum except UVA and Far Infrared, meaning that it...

$ 30.00