Temper Woodsman
$ 15.00

Temper Woodsman

Refresher Spray - 1.0 ounce
A multi-purpose sport spray with a woodsy scent that sharpens the senses and exhilarates the mind.

This herbal sport spray transports the senses to a summer cabin in a wooded forest where you may just stumble across a neighbor’s prized mint garden. Spray this on your face with eyes closed, and spray across your body to invigorate after a powerful sweat--whether in the gym, out on the road, or on a hike. Feel free to spray on on hands to sanitize and kill bacteria. Can also be used on clothes and gear to eliminate unwanted bacteria and odor. 


Spray on face and body to invigorate, hands to sanitize or clothes & sports gear to eliminate odors.



Purified water, Polysorbate 20, proprietary blend of Essential Oils, Benzylalcohol DHA.